Do you go that extra mile to provide an excellent family friendly experience?

The Family Friendly Museum Award is the only award to be judged by family visitors.

It gives family visitors a voice on how they feel about the museums they visit and shows that any museum, regardless of size or budget, can create a brilliant experience for families.

New this year are categories based on visitor numbers: small museum – 150,000 visits / medium museum – 150,000 to 500,000 visits / large museum – 500,00 +

I know most of our members’ museums have far less than 150,000 visits – but that’s no excuse not to enter. Many of you are doing excellent things with families and it would be fantastic if you wre recognised for it.

Anyone can nominate a museum. The deadline is 31 May and the online form is on the Kids in Museums website.
An expert panel then draws up a shortlist and sends undercover families to those museums in July and August.